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Holidays in Albi for families, tourism in Albi with friends, a romantic night in a B&B and ‘bistronomical’ food - this 4-star hotel is located in the heart of Albi (South-West France). A must-see! Try us, then share it ... live it!

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A gastronomic restaurant-brasserie for couples, a cocktail bar and tapas bar for friends, a cosy terrace for hard workers, a lounge for people to chill, a wine cellar and bar for enthusiasts. Don't worry about the georgeous setting... Come as casual as you like and be yourself!

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“Joel, our resident sommelier, promises you the very best wine and excellent spirits from his wine-list... [...] For wine lovers, wine tourists and Albi fans....lire la suite

7 days a week

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Old building house renovated in the deco style